An important element of business launch is a business model, which particularly in the modern times of fast paced technological, economic, market and social changes is a prerequisite for the success of an enterprise. Unfortunately, not many entrepreneurs-to-be realise the power of business models and seem not to pay enough attention to this stage of company creation. It is estimated that the percentage of people, who wish to be self-employed is still significantly lower in Europe than in the US and China (European Commission, 2013), and only 50% of European start-ups survive the first five years (EIM Business and Policy Research, 2011). A common reason for that, apart from insufficient funding and support, is the lack of a well-designed business model, or sticking to the same business model for too long, which makes it impossible to adjust to the changes coming with market globalisation. Therefore, it is important to provide future entrepreneurs with an easy and helpful business models compendium.


The ProBM project strives to provide a common ground for the exchange of experience and know-how between different types of organisations involved in adult and entrepreneurship education, and develop a network for transnational cooperation. The project focuses on entrepreneurship education, and thus addresses one of the eight key competences as specified in European Council Recommendation no 2006/962/EC, that is sense of initiative and entrepreneurship. The objective of the project is to analyse adults’ actual knowledge and skills in the field of business model design and implementation, learn from the experience and good practices from partner countries and design a compendium helpful for future entrepreneurs.

Target groups

 • The adults, who want to launch a business activity.

• The unemployed people, who would be interested in launching a business activity.

• The adults, who have already business activity and want to extend their knowledge and skills on business models topic.